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A selection of links from outside the UK mass media Read more

Reflections from Nazareth

Habib Karam, Catenian in the Nazareth Circle, talks about the situation in Nazareth and around the Holy Land Read more

Information from Jerusalem

"Tonight, I put my kids to sleep in our bedroom, so that if we die, we die together without anyone mourning the loss of another", Eman Basher. Read more

Information from the Diocese of Jerusalem

Information from the Diocese of Jerusalem, including a statement from Archbishop Hosam Naoum Read more

Information from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: Catholics are feeling the fear and frustration of the conflict Read more


Fr Gabriel Romanelli, Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church in Gaza, speaks here to Brendan Metcalfe, Executive Director of FHL and statement from Suhaila Tarazi, CEO of Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza Read more