This Christmas, a baby will be born in Bethlehem, and we want to help.

The cost of the delivery and hospital stay will be too much for Nariman and her family, who are already in debt thanks to the pandemic.

Sadly, Nariman's story is not unusual right now. Every day, our Holy Land office hears more stories of people needing urgent medical treatment – from dentistry to cancer – that they simply can’t afford after 18 months of pandemic hardship.

This Christmas in the Holy Land…

  • There are more mothers waiting to give birth in Bethlehem, wondering how they will afford their hospital stay.
  • There are believers in Nazareth needing urgent surgery that will destroy their family finances.
  • There are Christians in Gaza who will stop taking medications they can no longer afford, risking their lives.

You can make an enormous difference to another family like Nariman’s with a Christmas gift of £48 or whatever you can. Thank you so much!

Your Christmas gifts will be used where most needed to meet urgent and ongoing medical needs including birth costs, or to help fund our work providing wider support to vulnerable Holy Land Christians.