Fr Gabriel Romanelli is the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church in Gaza and speaks here to Brendan Metcalfe, Executive Director of Friends of the Holy Land regarding the impact of the conflict in Gaza of the recent conflict. He and his team of religious have had six Christian families sheltering in the parish compound as their homes have been damaged by the bombing. Friends of the Holy Land have asked the parish to assess the damage to these homes so we can help organise repairs and help them go home as a first priority

The following is a statement from Suhaila Tarazi, CEO of the (Anglican) Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza:

Indeed the 11 days of war were very horrific. I have lived the previous three wars on Gaza truly nothing compared to what we have gone through during this episode of violence. We did not know where to hide ourselves, or if there will be another day for us to live in this life? The destructions are beyond any description. I thank God we are all safe but we are all traumatized by this deadly war. We pray this fragile ceasefire between Hamas and Israel to continue and this war to be the end of all conflicts and suffering of the two people.