Photo: supplied by Nadia

A young mother in Gaza who wrote for ICN earlier this year, has been sending harrowing messages over the last three days describing conditions there. 

"There is no quiet time. Only explosions and intense bombing"

In February, Nadia, who lives in a refugee camp, wrote about how her husband had been killed two years earlier when their house was bombed in a previous onslaught by Israel. She survived with her two children and moved into her mother's small house. They only had electricity for about four hours a day and an irregular water supply. They were getting rations of flour, milk and sugar from UNRWA once every three months, but relying on support from friends for other food. Nadia said their house was cold and unheated.

"Every few months a new war takes place in Gaza, and children are exposed to fear and psychological trauma due to explosions from Israeli planes," she said.

In Nadia's most recent message at 11.08pm on 10th October, she said:

"The children are afraid and cry all the time. I am really tired. I am tired."

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