Support for Iraqi Refugees 

What’s the situation?

The Middle East is a rapidly changing and turbulent part of the world. Many Christian families flee their homes due to conflict or religious persecution. Large numbers find themselves as refugees in Jordan, which is one of the few ‘safe harbours’ of the region. Refugees often leave their homeland convinced they will return. They use their life savings to make the journey and then find themselves unable to return home, without the resources or documentation to build a secure future for their families. 

What do FHL do?

Early in 2016 FHL Vice Chairman Peter Rand visited Jordan to identify what help FHL could offer Iraqi Christians forced to flee due to their faith. Since then FHL have provided over £25,000 worth of support to these displaced Christians. Help is channeled through a mix of immediate relief and sustainable projects, such as the Iraqi Refugee Dressmaking Project to help the refugees prepare for life in a new country.  Working in Partnership with Fr Mario Cornioli of the Latin Patriarchate, FHL supports around 100 Iraqi Christian families living in Jordan on an ongoing basis. All of them have recently arrived in Amman, with nothing other than what they could carry.

What’s the Impact?

Needs vary from family to family; FHL support ensures families can survive in their new homes and funds medicines, food vouchers, furniture, blankets, heaters and clothes. FHL support also allows Fr Mario to bring Christian refugees together as a community, starting them on a long road to overcoming their traumatic experiences.

“I would like to thank you for your big help with the Iraqi Christian families here in Jordan. The situation is very bad, and while there are some families who leave for Australia, Canada and America, many other families arrive from the camp in Kurdistan, where the situation is very difficult. Our work is not easy and there is no time to rest. Please tell FHL supporters to pray for the people of Iraq. God bless you and pray for me especially!”
      Fr. Mario of the Latin Patriarchate reporting on his work in Jordan, Amman.

Osama‘s Story

Sixty-year-old Osama arrived in Jordan with his family in March 2015. Blinded by a bomb attack, life in Iraq had become increasingly difficult. He is now living in Jordan with his family and hoping for resettlement in Australia. As well as medication for his eyes, Osama is being treated for diabetes and depression. FHL supports Osama and many other families in Jordan facing similar situations. Osama’s family receives a monthly income of £500 Shekels (around £90) to help with their daily living costs

Could you support our work in Jordan?

Christian refugees in Amman need greater and more consistent support. Many larger NGOs and charities working in this area cannot reach these needy Christians. FHL, through our locally based Christian network, can target support to the areas of greatest need. 

Currently we work with both the Latin Patriarchate and The Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, and we are urgently looking for a UK diocese to partner us in this important area of work.  

If you think your Parish, Deanery or Diocese could help please contact the office  on 01926 512980 / We can provide regular updates on how your support is giving hope to these vulnerable Christians.

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Organising a pilgrimage? 

Why not make time to meet with these displaced Christians who often feel forgotten by their wider Christian family. 

Please contact the office 01926 512980 / 

We can put you in touch with Fr Mario so you can arrange to meet him and the Christians refugees he supports in Amman.