FHL Case Studies

Several international agencies are active in the Holy Land, supporting major projects and institutions. We concentrate instead on smaller, sustainable forms of support that quickly make a big difference to local Christian families, especially the most vulnerable. Our activities fall into five main categories: education, employment, family support, health, and housing, and we work in four geographical regions: the West Ban, Gaza, Israel and Jordan.

Below you will find links to nine case studies which demonstrate how FHL support and encourage the Christian population in the Holy Land - each case study is shown as a downloadable pdf.


We support education in the Holy Land as a vital way to ensure the future of Christian communities, funding students at schools and universities when this is beyond the resources of their families.

Christ School Nazareth

School of Joy Beit Sahour

University scholarships Gaza



We provide ‘seed corn’ funding to help new businesses and to generate employment, particularly for young people. We import hand-crafted goods directly from the Holy Land for sale at modest cost in the UK to sustain Christian factory workers and we encourage the engagement of Christian owned hotels, restaurants and tour guides for pilgrimages to help support their Christian employees.

Gaza youth employment project

Jordan dress making - support to Iraqi Christian refugees

Family Support

After careful and compassionate assessment by our locally engaged and professionally qualified staff, a struggling family enrolled on our family support programme will benefit from a regular financial supplement. Relative to UK standards the amounts are modest but the additional income makes a vitally important difference to the welfare of an impoverished Christian family.

Family support - Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan


There is no equivalent to the NHS in the West Bank and Gaza. We fund medicines, operations and hospital visits contributing to the treatment of the neediest Christians at hospitals such as St. Luke’s in Nablus. 

Supporting the health of West Bank Christians

St Martha's House day care centre, Bethlehem 


The provision of adequate housing is vital to encourage a sustainable Christian presence in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan. Our project work in housing is varied and includes house renovations to eradicate damp, the division of family homes into two units, refurbishments to suit mobility needs and water supply projects to help counter the impact of water shortages. 

House refurbishment in Bethlehem to support mobility needs