Gaza Employment Project

The situation

FHL has an active programme of support for the tiny Christian community living in Gaza.

No bigger than the Isle of Wight and home to almost 2 million people, Gaza is the most densely populated country in the world. The Christian community numbers just over 1,000, and without sustainable investment, the next generation could disappear entirely.

Life in Gaza is unimaginably hard. Cut off from Israel by a 1 km ‘no go zone’ the population are reliant on international food aid, have no access to clean tap water and have electricity for just 3 hours a day. Prospects for young people are bleak, with 65% unemployed.

How does FHL help?

Since October 2016, and in partnership with the Pontifical Mission, FHL has been supporting 16 young people in work placements across Gaza. Recruits were selected by a rigorous process of exams and interviews and then placed in institutions such as the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, the YMCA and the Orthodox Cultural Centre. FHL provides $62,000 of funding each year to ensure this valuable work to sustain the Christian population in Gaza continues.

What impact does FHL make?

As well as giving these young people an opportunity to develop skills and acquire work experience, the placements provide an income to support the young person’s family. 

Employment sponsorship in Gaza also supports the institution itself opening pathways for succession planning and enabling it to support the wider community. Many schools, healthcare facilities, social and community projects are run by Christians who in turn are supporting the majority Muslim population. There is a real possibility that Gaza’s infrastructure might collapse if Christian institutions do not receive direct investment based on sustainable objectives. 

Could you support this project?

FHL exists to help and support the Christian population of the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan, to help develop a resilient and enduring community there. We are grateful for all donations of time and money to help us achieve this mission.

Financial donations can be made online here or by clicking the the DONATE NOW button at the top of each web page.  Alternatively, a cheque made payable to ‘Friends of the Holy Land’, can be sent to the address shown below. Standing order and gift aid forms can be downloaded here or by contacting the office.

Sponsor a young person: Opportunities exist for groups or individuals to sponsor a young employee in Gaza at £2,875 a year (or £240 a month). Contact the office for information.

Contact details: Friends of the Holy Land, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2DH, 01926 512980 

Volunteer with us: Volunteers are needed to help in our office in Kenilworth or to speak at events across the country, please let us know if you can help.

From my visits each year to Gaza it’s clear that the Christian community needs sustainable assistance, employment opportunities are essential to help the local community have the best chance to become self-sufficient.” 

Peter Rand FHL Vice Chairman 

My name is Ramy Tarazi, I am 25 years old and I live in the Gaza Strip. I have a BA in accounting and I am employed by the Orthodox Culture Centre. I am so grateful to Friends of the Holy Land for supporting the youth of Gaza and giving me this opportunity to gain valuable work experience".

Ramy Tarazi – FHL beneficiary