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What Makes FHL So Special?

What Makes FHL So Special? 100% of all donations from individuals, FHL groups, diocese, parishes and charitable trusts goes to needy people and projects in the Holy land. Nothing is held back for overheads, thanks to the generosity of a charitable trust that continues to fund our modest overheads (13% of donations in the financial year 2014/15) 90% of FHL funds go to individual named families, all verified by our small team in Bethlehem or our partners elsewhere in the Holy Land FHL recognises the importance of institutions to maintain a Christian presence in the Holy Land and their work for the whole community, and we support the invaluable help they give to our Christian brothers and sisters.

How you can help our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land:

The primary purpose of the Friends of the Holy Land is to support Christians in the Holy Land, to enable them to maintain a minimum level of quality of life such that the pressures to abandon their homeland are reduced. The Friends provide resources for small projects that make a big difference to Christians in the community. Funds contribute to the sustainability of the Christians, especially the most vulnerable.

Cheque - Make a single donation by cheque, payable to "Friends of the Holy Land" and send to the FHL office.

Standing Order and Gift Aid donations
Download the form to setting-up a regular Standing Order donation. If you are a UK Tax payer you can make Gift Aid donations using this form.
Standing Order Form/Gift Aid 234.06 kB

Collect small change in your own olive wood crib box 
Email to order

Request donations to the FHL in lieu of presents at your next celebration
Celebration Flyer 955.12 kB

Provide a legacy to the FHL in your Will

Arrange a parish collection 
If you would like to arrange a retiring collection, please contact the office, who will send you a supply of Gift Aid envelopes.

Secure online donation 
You can donate to Friends of the Holy Land via the secure 'mydonate' capability provided by BT - click here or on the icon on this page.