Supporter Resources 

Sharing our Mission Statement  

To explain simply and clearly what we are about we have created a mission statement:

“Friends of the Holy Land, a non-political and ecumenical charity, existing to help and support the Christian population of the Holy Land and to develop a resilient and enduring Christian community there.”

Sharing our objectives

The above mission is broken down into the following four objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the challenges faced by Christians in the Holy Land
  • To encourage prayers on their behalf
  • To generate financial resources to give them a sustainable future
  • To encourage visits to the Holy Land to meet local Christians

Sharing our project focus

Our project work, to achieve the above objectives, focuses on the following five areas:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Family Support
  • Health
  • Housing

How we work

Our central office in Kenilworth is staffed by  volunteers and paid staff. Our full time equivalent of paid employees equates to just 2.2 members of staff, so support from volunteers across the country  very important to the charity. 

We work through church parishes, church groups, congregations, deaneries and dioceses, and hope for the assistance of volunteers representing all faith traditions and none. To facilitate this partnership we have a number of resources, shown below, that we share with our volunteers. 

Brand Guidelines

We have invested in a ‘brand image’ to ensure a consistent look and feel across our printed and digital communications. By applying these guidelines consistently, we ensure our ‘voice’ is clearly differentiated, and that it stands out from other organisations working in this area. We encourage all supporters to use them where they can. These guidelines include:

Logos, colours and straplines - to view all logo options click here 

Font styles - We use Open Sans for body copy and Andada for Headlines. If these are not set as standard on your device they can be downloaded free by visiting

To view our full Brand Guidelines click here

To facilitate this work we have a number of communication tools to share with supporters:

  • FHL Prayer Card
  • Case Study Presentation:  You may find this presentation, created for our Lichfield Carol Service in December 2017 helpful - it showcases our work and includes pictures of many of our beneficiaries.  Any queries on this presentation, or its content, please call the office on 01926 512980 and ask to speak to our Communication Manager Marion Homer.

  • Printable Case Studies: 

                   Gaza Youth Employment 
                   (more case studies will be added soon)