Give in Celebration

Raise money celebrating a special occasion. Dedicate your birthday, wedding anniversary or other special occasion to Friends of the Holy Land, or mark a milestone in your life.

When you’re celebrating an important event, the most meaningful gifts are often the things you can't unwrap. It’s the memorable moments that make us and our causes we share – Isn’t it soothing for the soul to know that the money that might have been spent on a wooden cheeseboard or a pair of personalised champagne glasses is instead being put to good use in the long term?

So, why not give ask your guests, friends and family to make a gift in kind? Mark your special occasion with a celebratory donation to Friends of the Holy Land.


Key Steps in your setting up:

Tell your guests, family and friends well before and during the celebration that you want to collect for Friends of the Holy Land.

1 - In Person - You or your guests can send their donations to us directly to our office, online
Free Gift Aid donation envelopes - Use these special donation envelopes for your big day and collect Gift Aid which could increase donations by 25% at             no extra cost. Get in touch with us via email or telephone well in advance to receive yours today.

2 -  Online - An online fundraising page is an easy and simple way for family and friends to contribute a charitable gift for your special occasion. It’s the easiest way to collect donations – just share a link with guests, friends, family and colleagues and they can donate securely online plus we can collect Gift Aid which can add 25% to your fundraising at no extra cost. The donations go straight to us and you can make your page really special by adding photos and your story. There several choices for you to choose from to become an online fundraiser the two biggest being:

A)     Virgin Money Giving -

B)      Just Giving -

Both have lots of free resources and ideas to make your fundraising most effective.

If you use Facebook you can easily set up a Facebook fundraiser to support us – all donations made through Facebook go straight to us, 100% with no fees.

Thoughts to consider making your fundraising more effective

·         Set a target either when making the invitation or on your online                  fundraising page typically from research in this way you could raise            up to 46% more.

·         If guests can’t make it to your event, ask them to donate instead.

·         Don’t be afraid to tell everyone! If using online, add your story and               photos to your fundraising page, then share on your social media               channels! 

Special occasion favours

Would you like to provide a permanent memento to your guests on your special day? We can supply gifts of olive wood hand crosses crafted in the Christian workshops of Bethlehem perfect for use as wedding favours, for birthdays or for other special occasions.  Please call the office for more details.

The difference you will make in the lives of our brothers and sisters:

·         £150 could support a child at summer camp over 6 weeks

·         £300 could pay to keep a child at a Christian school for a year

·         £1,500 could support a child at School of Joy for a year

Thank You !