Husam Wahhab

Member of FHL's Holy Land Committee 

For the last seven years, Husam Wahhab has been a volunteer member of FHL’s Bethlehem based committee whilst working as a lecturer and accountant at Bethlehem University. 

Husam is married with five children and has two brothers now living in the United States. Faced with the daily challenges of life in the West Bank, including regular water shortages and restricted travel, it would be understandable that Husam too may wish to emigrate. However, Husam has a strong sense of personal mission that keeps him in Bethlehem. 

In a recent phone call, Husam shared that daily he is “scared of so many things”. Yet despite those feelings, Husam makes the decision to stay - with a humble and awe-inspiring commitment to live out his faith in the service of his fellow Bethlehem Christians. 

Husam made his first visit to to the UK to speak at our National Gathering 2017 held in Kenilworth on Saturday 30th September. We heard his account of life as a West Bank Christian and understood more about the impact FHL makes supporting that community.