Speakers at the 2018 National Gathering 

The 2018 National Gathering will focus on what FHL does best. Firstly, by sharing news of the challenges faced by Christians living in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan, secondly by describing the support FHL currently gives to over 2,000 of those Christians each year, and thirdly by showing what more could be done with additional funds.

FHL are fortunate to have two speakers present at the National Gathering who have significant personal experience of what life is really like for Christians living in the Holy Land today and the type of support and help they need.

Sami El Yousef - Christians in the Holy Land -what is their future ?

We are proud to introduce Sami El Yousef as the keynote speaker at the forthcoming ‘National Gathering’. Sami is a native of the Old City of Jerusalem and belongs to one of the city’s thirteen oldest Christian families, having had a continuous presence in Jerusalem for centuries. In his role as Chief Executive for the Latin Patriarchate Sami has seen first-hand the difficulties faced by Christians living in the Holy Land and the work of FHL in helping the neediest cases. 

We very much look forward to hearing from Sami, - who’s presentation is called ‘Christians in the Holy Land- what is their future?’ - and through him gaining an increased knowledge of how UK Christians can better support their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

Sami strongly believes that maintaining a vibrant Christian presence in the Holy Land requires a strengthening of the region’s Christian run institutions, which include many schools and hospitals. Such organisations provide an invaluable service to the entire community regardless of race, religion, colour or creed.

FHL’s support is effectively directed to bring hope to a marginalised and weak community, showing them they are not forgotten. Through FHL the Holy Land knows it has a true friend in the UK who cares for their future, and stands ready to support them in education, employment, health, housing and social services.

Peter Rand MBE  - Making the difficult decisions 

Also speaking at the National Gathering will be Peter Rand MBE, who has been a trustee of FHL since autumn 2009. 

Peter is FHL’s principle link with our Bethlehem based committee and visits the Holy Land 4 or 5 times a year. 

I feel privileged to have made around 25 visits to the Holy Land in the last eight years. I spend most of my time visiting local families and hearing from those who support us on the ground. I look forward to sharing with those attending the National Gathering how we make the difficult decision as to whom we help.”