The 2017 National Gathering 

The Speakers

FHL exists to bring hope to vulnerable Christians living in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan. In the last eight years we have raised over 
£3 million pounds to support over 2,000 named Christians each year.

Want to know more? Join us in Kenilworth this September 30th at 10.30 am to discover how you can help.

The whole day's activities, including lunch is absolutely free! All we need is your time and enthusiasm - please join us and bring some friends - we'd love to see you there.

Husam Wahhab

'First hand experiences from the West Bank’ 

For the last seven years, Husam Wahhab has been a volunteer member of FHL’s Bethlehem based committee whilst working as a certified public accountant and lecturer at Bethlehem University.

Husam is married with five children and has two brothers now living in the United States. Faced with the daily challenges of life in the West Bank, including regular water shortages and restricted travel, it would be understandable that Husam too may wish to emigrate. However, Husam has a strong sense of personal mission that keeps him in Bethlehem. 

In a recent phone call, Husam shared that daily he is “scared of so many things”. Yet despite those feelings, Husam makes the decision to stay - with a humble and awe-inspiring commitment to live out his faith in the service of his fellow Bethlehem Christians.

Revd. Lynn Boyle 

‘Answering the call for help’ 

Revd. Lynn Boyle is vicar of St Paul’s Parish, Stockport and FHL coordinator for the Chester Diocese. Since 2004, she has made countless visits to the Holy Land, and is an enthusiastic advocate of engaging with the ‘living stones’. Lynn says, “If you’re not careful a pilgrimage can take you on a spiritual journey but shield you from the reality of life for contemporary Christians”. At the time of the National Gathering Lynn will have just returned from a 11-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. As well as visiting historical holy sites, Lynn will have taken pilgrims to meet present day Christians at flagship FHL projects such as St Martha’s House and the School of Joy. Lynn will share with us how essential it is to connect with today’s Christians, though, prayer, fundraising and face-to-face meetings where possible. 

Sharing Ideas   

The National Gathering -sharing ideas and inspiring others to take action... 

This year's National Gathering includes an opportunity to share your thoughts on how we can ‘bring hope to vulnerable Christians’ living in the Holy Land. We are looking for volunteers to speak for just 2 minutes on this subject, which should allow for 250 spoken words. To maintain our timetable the two minute rule will be strictly adhered to. If you would like to speak please let the office know by the 31st August, and provide a brief synopsis of your chosen topic.