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David Longe, Chaplain in the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem

Running the Bethlehem marathon on Friday 23rd March is something of a send-off for David and his family. David has been Chaplain to the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, the Most Revd. Suheil Dawani, since 2015. He previously served in an inner-city London parish. David, his wife Sara and their three children, Rex (7), Xar (7) and Artie (5) are preparing to leave the Holy Land in May to return to the UK, where David will be serving in the Diocese of Norwich.

David recently told us,

"My job is first and foremost to pray for the Archbishop as he serves this complex corner of the world, both as the Diocesan Bishop of Jerusalem and as the Primate of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. The ministry of the Diocese of Jerusalem has had a huge impact on me. The faithful ministry undertaken day-by-day through its parishes and the services it provides through its schools and medical facilities alleviate suffering for so many in the five countries the Diocese serves.”

David and his family have had an amazing time, but not without challenges. Last year, they took a wrong turn in Bethlehem and drove through a riot. Sara has found herself driving through at least three demonstrations. She says,

"Each week I volunteer in two orphanages in Bethlehem, taking in my violin and doing music therapy with the children. It is the most rewarding, wonderful and heart-breaking experience. The children are so responsive and I want to take them all home. Yes, I have been caught up in some tricky places, but never once did I feel threatened or scared."

How you can support David  

To encourage both David, and his brother Will, as they take part on the Palestinian Marathon please donate by clicking the button below and labeling  your donation "Longe Marathon" so we can identify funds raised by this initiative.

Alternatively Will, has set up a Just Giving page, which you can find here.