A Partnership of Hope

A key FHL partner in the Holy Land is the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem. Through our close working relationship with Archbishop Suheil, and his colleagues at St George’s, we are able to identify and help many needy Christians as well as support essential services provided by the Diocese.

The Diocese of Jerusalem runs more than 30 institutions in the Holy Land,including 17 schools and 2 hospitals. With an Anglican population of only 7,000,they are unable to maintain these institutions without external help, help that FHL consistently provides. Your donations enable the Diocese to fund Christian staff working in their hospital in Gaza, a hospital that provides the majority of its services for free, in one of the most deprived corners of the world. FHL grants mean the Diocese can provide medical facilities for Christian families in Ramallah and Nablus, as well as educational grants to Christian families in Israel and the West Bank.


In a recent letter, sent to every Bishop in the Church of England, Archbishop Suheil said,

“The work of FHL helps us witness to the love of Christ for all peoples that live in this region, bringing relief to many of those who feel ignored and forgotten. Our prayerful partnership brings the gift of hope to manyChristians in this land, especially as they come under increasing pressure to leave the region. Through engaging with FHL, Christians in the UK can gain a real connection with the Christians that still live in the Holy Land.”