Advent Message from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Advent Message - from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem 

FHL supports the Christian population of the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan by working in partnership with organisations such as the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. Our partners help us identify and verify projects and beneficiaries, enabling us to target support quickly to the most needy Christians. During this time of raised sensitivities Archbishop Suheil, of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, shares an advent message and prayer with FHL supporters: 

We have suffered an increase in tension, and sadly violence, in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. It is extremely saddening that at a time when we gather together to celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace, that violence continues to mar the face of the world and to hurt the people of this precious land. While we pray and continue to work for peace, particularly through the brave and courageous staff of the Diocesan Institutions, I know how much they would all value to know that you are able to pray for them at this time.

 Archbishop Suheil Dawani, Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

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An Advent Prayer from Archbishop Dawani   

Gracious and loving God,

as violence and tensions spills out in our communities

we ask that you can come to us again in Advent:

Come again in the form of a precious and tender child, the Prince of Peace,

Come again as healer and restorer, comforter and saviour,

Come and fill our hearts afresh with your peace and love,

Come so that nations, communities and neighbours may taste and relish in your freedom.

Come and bestow your wisdom into the minds and souls of all leaders and governments.

Come to enable them to act with compassion, justice, equity and mercy in all that is before them.

May the Prince of Peace be with you this advent, and may he come afresh to you and your

 families this Christmas and fill your lives with Joy,                Amen