Another Family Support success story

Following the death of her husband Rima struggled to support her 3 children.  With no income and the children struggling emotionally they began receiving Family support.

 When she remarried both she and her new husband struggled to find work in Bethlehem and the Children were struggling to adapt to the new family set up. 

Now however the family are happy and succeeding both Rima and her husband now have jobs working in local shops and the children are doing well.  Especially little Dina who is now excelling in School that she is top of her class at the Latin School in Beit Jala. Her new husband Khader has also recently had open heart surgery and the medication costs 500 Shekels a month, which FHL are now supporting.

FHL have been standing firm with this family for 3 years in which time they have seen huge improvements in their lives and are hopeful of a bright future thanks to the support of our friends here in the UK.

Friends of the Holy Land support nearly 100 needy families around the Holy Land administered by our Office in Bethlehem.  If you would like to help us support more families in urgent need then please consider regular giving as a way to support our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land.