Archbishop Pizzaballa Christmas Letter to FHL

 Christmas message from Archbishop Pizzaballa

Archbishop Pizzaballa writes to FHL

The office in Kenilworth hears regularly from friends and colleagues living in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Since the decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, made by President Trump in early December, the  stories of uncertainties and fear have increased. It is heartening to receive an assessment of the situation directly from the Apostolic Administrator of Jerusalem.  You can read the full letter here.

...The unilateral nature of the President's action will not provide a solution to the difficult problems of Jerusalem's status... Locally our people are greatly hurt and disappointed ... All of us here are cognizant of the tremendous support we receive from Friends of the Holy Land. In moments of sadness, the awareness of your prayers and solidarity bolster our flagging spirits...

Archbishop Pizzaballa, Apostolic Administrator for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Dec 2017

This Christmas letter from Archbishop Pizzaballa recognises the part our supporters play in bolstering the spirits of our Christian family living in the Holy Land and underlines the continued need for prayer. 

"I solicit your prayerful support and express my profound gratitude for your uncommon kindness and generosity. May your Advent journey bring you to a deeper union of mind and heart with the Lord and Saviour of humankind..."

FHL supports the Christian population of the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan by working in partnership with organisations such as the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Our partners help us identify and verify projects and beneficiaries, enabling us to target support quickly to the most needy Christians. The picture opposite was taken during a recent meeting between the Archbishop and FHL Chairman Jim Quinn. For more on our partners click here.

Archbishop Pizzaballa was appointed by Pope Francis as the Apostolic Administrator for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and took up office in September 2016.  An Apostolic Administrator is a high ranking member of the clergy, such as bishop, who is appointed by the Pope as a church officer, known as an 'ordinary'. The Patriarch of Jerusalem is one of four Archbishops of the Latin Church, the others being the Latin Patriarchs of Venice, Lisbon and the East Indies (ie Goa and Daman of India) .