Aspirations for 2018

As we welcome in the New Year Maria McCaffery, FHL's new Chief Executive, shares with us her aspirations for FHL over the next 12 months. 

“Our key objectives are as relevant today as they were when we were established in 2009:  To pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, to raise awareness of their difficulties, to encourage pilgrimage and to provide direct, practical help.”

More specifically, in 2018 we aim to:

·         build upon our media presence to raise the profile of Holy Land Christians

·         appoint at least 10 new Ambassadors who will speak on behalf of FHL in their local parishes

·         support the establishment of at least 5 new local area groups

·         double our income from charitable trusts and foundations 

·         further develop our network of active supporters

·         create a library of case studies to showcase the impact FHL has in the Holy Land and encourage others

·         support our diocesan network with enhanced resources to promote events and encourage the adoption of FHL as the beneficiary of Lent, Harvest and Advent appeals

·         engage more effectively with influential stakeholders

If you feel you can help us in any of the above aspirations, specifically in our quest to establish more FHL groups and identify more FHL Ambassadors to speak in local parishes about our aims and impact please contact the office 01926 512980 We can provide all materials, necessary training and travel costs.