Beit Jala House Refurbishment

In February last year we reported on a refurbishment project to improve the living conditions of a Christian family in Beit Jala. Our Bethlehem committee identified the Saliba Bader family as needing substantial help to improve their home. The family, already facing financial difficulties supporting a grown up son with health issues, have a very small income and were unable to afford the changes required to improve their situation. 

Peter Rand, whilst visiting the Holy Land in January this year was able to visit the project and report on progress,

“The change in the building since last year was impressive. The family now have a fully renovated kitchen, bathroom, electrics and pipework. Saliba, his wife Kawthar and their two grown up sons Majd and Alaa are preparing to move back in and enjoy their new home.”


Housing is one of FHL’s five areas of focus. However, work such as this also helps another key objective, that of supporting employment for the Christian community. Where possible, builders and contractors working on FHL construction projects are sourced from within the Christian community. This project tangibly demonstrates the value to FHL of having a locally based committee in the Holy Land. Through their efforts additional funding for this project was secured from the Latin Parish in Beit Jala and from Caritas (a local social agency). In addition, the engineering fees and site supervision were agreed without charge.

Where is Beit Jala?

The West Bank town of Beit Jala lies six miles south of Jerusalem within the Bethlehem Governate. Its population, of around 15,670, is majority Christian and made up of a mix of Greek Orthodox, Catholics and Lutherans. The town’s Christian community traces its origins back to the five Aramaic tribes who have lived in the area since the 7th century. St Nicholas church, said to be built above the cave in which St Nicholas lived in the 4th century, dominates the Beit Jala skyline. Each 19th December the whole town, including many from the Muslim community, join together to celebrate St Nicholas’ Day. To find out more about Beit Jala and its links with St Nicholas please  follow please click here 

'Before' pictures

'During ' pictures 

'After' pictures 

It is with grateful thanks to FHL's many donors and supporters that this type of work can be undertaken, completely transforming the lives of a needy Christian family in the West Bank. To support our work to give hope to vulnerable Christians in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan please use the button below to make an immediate online donation.