Christians in Israel

As a member of the ‘Holy Land Coordination’ FHL Chairman, Jim Quin, was able to see first-hand the lives of Christians in Israel and the particular challenges they face.  The trip included stays in the Israeli city of Haifa and Jerusalem.

Jim witnessed the Christian community playing a vital role in Israeli society through their schools and hospitals, and also the part they play in public life as they attempt to build bridges between different faiths. 

However, it is clear that they, along with other Palestinian Arab Citizens, face profound difficulties finding themselves systematically marginalised.

Those Israeli Christians he met with expressed particular concern about the Nation State Law that was passed in the last year. Christian leaders warn that this law has created a “constitutional and legal basis for discrimination” against minorities, undermining the ideals of equality, justice and democracy.

It is clear that the Christian community of Israel face difficulties associated with discrimination. I am pleased to know that FHL are continuing to play an important role in raising awareness about these challenges, and are able to help needy Christian families in Israel through our targeted programme of family support.” 

by Jim Quinn, FHL Trustee Chairman 

We have come to stand in solidarity with Christian communities in the Holy Land, who are an important part of our family and make  a rich contribution to society, both in Israel and Palestine.”.

by Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of the Holy Land Coordination