Christmas at St Lukes Hospital, Nablus

St Luke’s is a small Hospital run by the episcopal diocese of Jerusalem.  Each year the Hospital welcomes Archbishop Dawani, to celebrate the lighting of the Christmas tree, have a Christmas meal with the staff and give gifts to the patients.

In Nablus, the Christian population makes up less than 1% of the total, however around a quarter of the staff are Christian and some would not be able to find work elsewhere. Therefore our funding has double the effect – healing Christians and employing Christians where there are few other opportunities.

FHL contribute to an Exemption Fund, to pay towards the cost of operations and medicines for the poorest Christian families who do not have enough to pay for treatment. We have donated more than £125,000 to this fund in the last 6 years.  We have been Standing Firm with St Lukes and the Christian population in Nablus for many years and look forward to continueing to stand firm with the support of our friends here in the UK.

St Luke’s 64 beds and the care provided by its committed staff stand as a testament to the faith of its management team.  Their practical aid to their Brothers and Sisters in Nablus in the Land where our Lord Jesus, was born, ministered and died, is a witness to the continued service of the Christians living across the Holy Land.