Derek Austin proves the old proverb “Charity begins at home” has new meaning in COVID times.

Following the AGM of our Worcestershire and Dudley branch of FHL Derek Austin undertook to walk 50 miles round his garden before Pentecost.Just before lockdown Derek had a full knee replacement and so is doing the walking - 40 laps of his garden which is 2 miles every day done in sessions of 10 laps - with his elbow crutches as support as part of his Physiotherapy recovery.

This knee replacement was actually his 4th - each knee has now been done twice as well as 4 hips and surgery for arthritis to both feet. Local supporters have already been very generous in supporting Derek in his fundraising effort.  If you would like to support Derek in his sponsored walk you can do so by giving to the Pentecost Challenge here please comment in support of Derek Austin to show your support.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought out the generosity of people, as documented in many stories in the news. People and organisations at every level in the UK have responded to this crisis to plug gaps, take personal and organisational risk, to offer solutions. Friends of the Holy Land is most grateful and fortunate to have supporters like Derek who have the courage and belief to continue to help us make a difference in the lives of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land despite the current difficulties.

When Anne Frank was confronted by the need to lockdown for personal safety she commented “I believe in the sun, even when it rains” This is the power of positivity we can harness to transcend walls in these difficult times.

We ask you to share your ideas and tips for local fundraising during lockdown you will find our guide to Give in Celebration here which has some ideas as does the Virgin Money Giving page

Please  get in touch with the team so that we can support your efforts as much as we can. 

Thank You