Extending support in Jordan

In February, we shared news of Peter Rand’s visit to Amman in Jordan, and our intention to extend assistance to Christians in the region. The good news is funds have been allocated to support two new projects in Jordan, whilst maintaining help to the one hundred Iraqi Christian refugees first identified in 2016.

Cheese making in Amman

Fr. Mario Cornioli, instrumental in identifying previous FHL projects, reports that resident Christian Jordanians are suffering increased unemployment. Reflecting FHL’s mission to develop resilient and enduring Christian communities in the Holy Land we are working with Fr. Mario to fund a small cheese making business. This business provides a modest income for ten  Jordanian Christians in Ader village, in the Karak Province outside Amman. 

For two weeks in March an Italian expert visited Jordan to provide training in making cheese for local Pizzerias in Amman. The project costs £10,000 to run, and uses 30 litres of sheep milk each day to produce 3.5kg of cheese. To date FHL have funded 50% of this amount and are seeking to raise the additional £5,000 in the next few weeks.

Could your parish or group help support this initiative?

 For more information please contact the office 01926 512980 office@friendsoftheholyland.org.uk or donate below


Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan 

Following Peter’s meeting with Fr. George Kopti of Ashrafieh Parish in January, FHL has agreed to support an additional 128 Iraqi Christian refugees who have settled in Amman. A grant of £4,500 was made to the Anglican Alliance to cover the cost of food coupons, medications and home appliances for 128 refugees, including 51 Children.

Update on Jordan dress making project

Whilst in Amman, Peter visited Rafedin, the dress-making project that provides a small income to 20 Iraqi Christian refugees. Peter was delighted see that Rafedin (meaning ‘two rivers’ - a reference to the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq) was thriving, with many items, including dresses, bags and ties being sold to the local community and also internationally through its Facebook page. The skills acquired by the young Christian beneficiaries will help them find employment in the country to which they will eventually relocate. Working together has also positively affected the girls’ morale. Fr. Mario reports,

 “As they work, you see them smiling. It helps them forget the violence and fear they have encountered.”

Peter Rand continues, “This project, originally funded by FHL, is a real success story - supporters should be proud of the impact their donations have made on the lives of these young Christian women”.