Father Abusada's succesful visit to the UK

Father Mamdouh Abusada a priest from Palestine who runs the School of Joy for local children with special needs has been visiting the UK telling local Christians how they can help to support his work.

Father Abusada says, "At The School of Joy we offer love first of all, and education and care. At a certain age, we discover their talents and we direct them to learn a skill. We have a small workshop where we teach them Olive wood carving. We want them to be independent and to earn their own living when they become 18.”

There are Christians and Muslims, there is no discrimination, a child is a child, we welcome any child to our school.

The challenging politics and economics of the West Bank and the absence of welfare services makes life especially tough for families with children with learning difficulties.

As with other initiatives of this kind, funding is an issue. Only nominal fees are charged to the few students who are able to pay. But with many students from poor backgrounds, donations are vital to cover running costs."

During Father Abusada's visit he spoke to schools and churches across the Country, including Kentish Town, and Cricklewood.

At one talk Father Abusada said, “First, we want Christians and their families to pray for us, second we want them to act for us. I believe what St James tells us in chapter 2, that faith without action is false. First we pray, then second we act. We spread the word and we ask for the needy and for solidarity, for support, for sponsorship to help the children and their families.”

Father Abusada concluded by saying, "Everybody is important, we must not neglect anybody. This boy has a talent and we should encourage this talent and put him on the right track. The most neglected one became the most important one.”

Friends of the Holy Land are one of the main supporters of School of Joy,if you would like to donate to support the work of Father Abusada or one of our other projects, then follow the link below or get in touch with the office.