FHL in Scotland

For some years FHL have enjoyed support from the Scottish Diocese of Galloway and FHL’s Diocesan Coordinator Fr. David Borland in the Parish of Ayr. Recently, the Bishop of Galloway, the Rt. Revd. William Nolan, arranged for FHL’s Peter Rand to speak to all eight Roman Catholic dioceses in Scotland. The objective of this meeting was to ensure that every parishioner would know of FHL and our mission to support and help the Christian population in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan. 

Peter Rand said,

“I was very pleased with the positive response I received and already have an appointment in early May to return to Scotland to meet with the Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Leo Cushley. After 8 years, we believe the time is right to ensure Christians of all denominations in Scotland have an opportunity to hear about the plight of Christians in the Holy Land and how they can help. This initiative with the Catholic Bishops is an excellent first step in increasing that awareness amongst Scottish Christians.”

Rt. Rev. Willam Nolan, Bishop of Galloway 

Fr. David Borland, Parish of Ayr, FHL's Diocesan Coordinator for Galloway

Peter Rand, FHL's Vice Chairman