FHL Join Bishops in the Holy Land

FHL was, once again, immensely privileged to be invited to take part in the ‘Holy Land Coordination’, a pilgrimage, organised by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Attended by bishops from around the world the annual pilgrimage demonstrates active support to the Christian community in the land of Jesus’ birth.  

On this occasion it was our Chairman, Jim Quinn, who joined the group of visiting bishops which included FHL Patron Christopher Chessun Bishop of Southwark. 

It was immensely gratifying to be welcomed so warmly into this delegation of visiting bishops, there was a great appreciation of the work we do and the role we play to ensure the Christians of the Holy Land are not forgotten. 

by Jim Quinn FHL Trustee Chairman 

The Holy Land Coordination is not a fund-raising or project-based body. However, considerable interest in pilgrimages has developed as a result of the Bishops’ visits. 

This year, the Bishops were focusing on the theme: “Christians in Israel; challenges and opportunities.” click here for Jim's report on Christians in Israel.

During his homily, preached at the Zababdeh's Church of the Visitation, the Most Reverend Stephen Brislin, Archbishop of Cape Town, recognised the absence of a ‘quick fix’ to ease tensions in the Holy Land but affirmed the community with the clear message that the world’s Christians stand with them:

We cannot solve the problems of the Holy Land, but what we can do is to say to you: you are not alone. We hold you in our prayers, but we also hold you in our hearts. May the God of creation and salvation bless and strengthen you, that you may continue to give faithful witness to him. 

Most Rev. Stephen Brislin, Archbishop of Cape Town