FHL's Summer camp success

For six weeks throughout July and August whilst schools are closed for their annual summer break, summer camps are developing for Christian children at many parishes in the Holy Land. Aside from the ongoing impact on their families of poverty, hardship, isolation and marginalisation, local children face an unusual challenge as they are not able to venture far from home to meet other relatives in their free time due to travel restrictions. Children are stuck within the same area with very limited activities, surrounded by the dangers and devastation of the conflicts. The summer camps afford them an opportunity to do something different with structured activities designed for fun, and provides a good meal for them. 

Local Summer Camps are therefore an important activity to counter this temptation and influences. Children from all Christian denominations and the local Muslim community all receive the same warm welcome and unconditional support. 

They play together, go on local excursions together, engage in lively discussions and organised activities and get support to help with their studies and develop experience with new disciplines such as music and art. All under the close supervision of the local Parish Priest helped by leaders from the local Christian Community to ensure these children build their faith as well as develop healthy friendships.

Friends of the Holy Land has been supporting summer camps each year for several different age ranges of children (primary through secondary) in the Christian communities of Bethlehem, Nablus, Nazareth and Ramallah. Their success can be seen in the faces of the children in these pictures, there are many more along with videos on our facebook page and website.

Please come to one of our 10th anniversary events advertised on our website to find out more about this and other projects we currently support and how you can help. If you could support the summer camp programme you can donate using the button below, or Telephone the office 01926 512980 (9am -1pm)  and donate by card. Thank you.