Film 'Separating Nativity from Resurrection'

Those of us who visit the Holy Land are frequently asked to comment on the impact that the Separation Wall has on the people whom we support in the West Bank. The FHL short film ’The Suffering Church’, available to view on our website goes some way to explain its effect on the Christian community. 

Another short film has come to our attention, produced by the Society of St Yves, a Catholic human rights organisation working under the patronage of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. The film ‘Separating Nativity from Resurrection’ addresses the Jerusalem closure policy, the Separation Wall and the associated system of closures, checkpoints and permits - but solely from the Palestinian point of view. However, it does provide a useful exploration of the impact of these restrictions on the lives of those living behind the Wall.

The film, which features commentary by FHL’s Holy Land Committee Chairman, Fr Jamal, can be viewed here