Helping Diana

Last November FHL trustee Peer Rand made one of his regular trips to the West Bank to catch up on FHL staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. Whilst there FHL’s Bethlehem's team, Nancy and Reem, showed Peter some new cases of needy Christians requiring our support, including the case of Diana, who lives on her in the old city of Bethlehem. 

Diana’s house is in a very poor state of repair and typical of many homes we see needing renovation in Bethlehem. Nancy and Reem showed Peter some of the house’s worst problems including two very old exterior doors that won’t shut properly leaving large gaps making the house cold and allowing snakes to get in. Diana’s home also has significant problems with sewage and damp, largely due to poor maintenance by Bethlehem’s municipal authorities.

To add to her problems Diana suffers from asthma, exacerbated by her poor living conditions, and requires medicines costing more than £100 a month. Diana receives some help from her sister and FHL works with another Christian charity in Bethlehem to provide support to cover her medical and electrical bills. The hope is that funds can now be found to help with house repairs.

The photos below were taken during Peter's visit to Diana's house, they show the damp, the gap in the doorway and general poor state of repair: