House Refurbishment in Beit Jala

FHL is pleased to share news of a house redevelopment project for a Christian family living in Beit Jala. Situated six miles south of Jerusalem the West Bank town of Beit Jala lies within the Bethlehem Governate. Its population numbers around 15,670 and is majority Christian; made up of a mix of Greek Orthodox, Catholics and Lutherans. The town’s Christian community traces its origins back to the five Aramaic tribes who lived in the area since the 7th century. St Nicholas church, said to be built above the cave in which St Nicholas lived in the 4th century, dominates the Beit Jala skyline. Each 19th December the whole town, including many from the Muslim community, join together to celebrate St Nicholas’ Day.

The FHL Bethlehem Committee identified the Saliba Bader family as needing significant help to improve their living conditions. Initial reports revealed water coming in through the roof, leaking pipes and damp. 54-year-old Saliba lives with his wife Kawthar and their two grown up sons. Youngest son Majd is 20 and in good health, but unfortunately their oldest son George passed away last year, following an operation for a heart problem. 23-year-old Alaa, suffers with epilepsy and mental health issues, and attends a school to help with his specific needs. Saliba and Kawthar both work; Kawthar works at the College de Freres School in Bethlehem and Kawthar as a cleaner. Their small income cannot meet the families many educational and medical demands, and they are unable to make any changes to improve their appalling living conditions. FHL’s Bethlehem committee will be managing the refurbishment and we will bring you news as the building works develop.