Join our guests to mark our 10th anniversary

We now enjoy broad engagement on a proudly ecumenical basis across the UK with all Christian Communities and are grateful for the enthusiastic support of our Patrons, Leaders of these communities:

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby,

His Excellence Cardinal Vincent Nicholls,

The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Lord Williams of Oystermouth, 

The Most Rev Patrick Kelly -Archbishop Emeritus of Liverpool,

The Most Rev Bernard Longley - Archbishop of Birmingham,

The Most Rev Malcolm McMahon - Archbishop of Liverpool,

The Rt Revd Christopher Chessun - Bishop of Southwark,

The Rt Revd Dr Michael Langrish - Retired Bishop of Exeter

Our November events are evidence of our recommitment to Standing Firm with our Brothers and Sisters throughout 2020 in the Holy Land

In our first service in Temple Church, London on the 14th November, we will be hosting leading members of the city and Legal community who will be joining our supporters primarily from the South-East for an Ecumenical Service and Reception led by Arhbishop Suheil Dawani Archbishop John Wilson and Bishop Michael Langrish alongside leaders from the Orthodox Churches.

On 15th November Archbishop Suheil Dawani will be travelling to Glasgow where he will be hosted by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia at St Andtrew’s Metropolitan Cathedral.  This will be the first time that we have organised a major event in Scotland and we hope this will be the start of an outreach across the Country.   We are looking forward to a warm welcome and an enthusiastic response from our Christian brothers and sisters in Scotland who have traditional links with the communities in the Holy Land which have stood firm for many years..

On November 16th we have a full day of events starting with an ecumenical service at Coventry Cathedral, led by Archbishop Suheil Dawani joined by Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, Bishop John Stroyan and Archbishop Bernard Longley. This will be followed by our National Conference at the nearby Welcome Centre. ALL are invited from across the UK and a lunch will be provided. During the day, you will understand more of the daily challenges Christians face in the Holy Land and how our volunteers, parishes and the wider Christian community in the UK Stand Firm to relieve these challenges with our guidance.

Can you be counted on to Stand Firm? Show your commitment. And register to attend today!