Kingdom Season Awareness Raising in Ely

The Kenilworth office has seen a steady stream of donations from the Cambridge area in the last few weeks, evidence of awareness raising in the Diocese of Ely during ‘Kingdom Season’. Not really, a ‘season’, like Epiphany or Lent, the 4 weeks starting  All Saints Day (1st Nov) marks the last 4 weeks of the Church’s year, and presents an opportunity to ponder the mystery of the Kingdom that beckons us.

For Bishop Stephen Conway of Ely and FHL Diocesan Coordinator Revd Alan Partridge, this more reflective period, before the business and excitement of Advent, provided an ideal moment to ensure every Parish in the Diocese was aware of the work of FHL.

The focus of activity was not on making financial donations but on taking time to learn, reflect and pray, trusting to the Holy Spirit to guide parishioners on what to do next. The FHL office supported this initiative by sending over 100 DVDs of the FHL film ‘The Suffering Church’ to Ely. (To see the film for yourself click here )

The Diocese then, with an enclosed letter from Bishop Stephen encouraging every Parochial Parish Council (also known as PCCs) to view the film, posted the DVDs out. The results of this quiet initiative speak for themselves; donations from Ely keep coming in and the Parish Church of St John the Evangelist, located in the south of Cambridge, selected FHL as its Lent Charity.

If any other group, Parish or Diocese would like similar support for this simple form of awareness raising please call the office on 01926 512980 or email .