Looking Forward to 2017

FHL Vice Chairman and Executive Trustee Peter Rand says, “Central to our work remains our key objectives of increasing awareness, prayer, and practical support, and to encourage people to go on pilgrimage. My personal goals for FHL in 2017 include:

  • To spread our message by improved communications via a new website, social media and greater engagement with the Communication Teams of the 66 Dioceses of the Anglican and Catholic Church in England, Wales and Scotland
  • To grow our donations to counter the current 20-25% exchange rate ’losses’
  • To reach further across the West Bank and Israel to find and help more needy Christian families
  • To increase grants from Charitable Trusts and Foundations by 100%
  • To develop opportunities for FHL to participate in more church services and pulpit presentations across the country.
  • To expand our volunteer team of Ambassadors, Diocesan Coordinators and Regional Coordinators
  • To encourage a greater number of pilgrimages and pilgrims to the Holy Land
  • To secure 10 Church of England Dioceses to select FHL as the beneficiary of  Lent, Harvest and Advent Appeals
  • To extend the number of Catholic Dioceses recommending FHL as the beneficiary of their Crib Offerings from 8 Dioceses to 12.”