Marathon running in Bethlehem

FHL are delighted to share news that David Longe, Chaplain in the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, will take part in the Palestinian Marathon. On Friday 23rd March David will join thousands of runners weaving their way through the streets of Bethlehem, and he hopes to raise awareness and funds for the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza at the same time. He invites everyone to make a donation in support of his run and the Hospital.

The Ahli Arab Hospital, an Anglican institution, is one of a few grass roots organisations in Gaza able to receive supplies from beyond the 1km ‘no go zone’ area that surrounds Gaza. This means the hospital is able to offer health care facilities, providing a lifeline for everyone living in the Strip regardless of their faith.

David explains,

“The work of Ahli Hospital is an extraordinary ministry in the midst of great suffering, so much of which is unseen. Often the hospital has to operate with a generator due to power cuts. Most Gazans only have power for 1 or 2 hours a day. The Hospital's plan to provide cancer treatment will be a lifeline to so many. At the moment cancer patients have to cross into Israel and seek treatment in Jerusalem. And the majority of applications to cross are rejected.

“I am planning to participate, along with my brother Will, in the Bethlehem Marathon to raise funds for cancer treatment at the Hospital. Due to strict doctor's advice I cannot run a full marathon so my plan is to walk from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and then participate in the 10km part of Marathon - the walk in will be scenic!”

David is a wonderful friend and supporter of FHL. Many pilgrims will have met David, and his colleague Dean Hosam, a member of FHL’s Holy Land committee, and worshipped with them at St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem.

Please consider making a gift in thanksgiving for David’s ministry and in support of Ahli Hospital in Gaza. 

If you would like to help please see below.

How you can support David  

To make a gift in support of David, and his brother Will,  please click the button below and label your donation "Longe Marathon" so we can identify funds raised by this initiative. 

Alternatively, David’s brother Will has set up a Just Giving page that you can find here.

We hope to share pictures of the race and let you know how both David and Will get on.

For more on David's time in Jerusalem click here