News from Jordan's Ashrafieh parish

Supporters will recall that FHL is working with Fr. George Al Kopti of St Paul’s Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh parish, Amman in Jordan. Ashrafieh has a particular mission to support Christian Iraqi and Syrian refugee families currently settled there. 

Due to the generosity of our donors FHL have been able to make, through the Anglican Alliance, a number of grants to cover the cost of food coupons, medications and home appliances to support 128 refugees, including 51 Children. We were delighted to receive an update from Fr. George recently where he described how the parish has created a junior youth group and a women’s group – the main participants of which are refugees. The pictures he shared with us show some happy occasions. 

Resident parishioners in Ashrafieh are successfully extending the hand of friendship to fellow Christians who have been through the most horrific experiences, forced to leave their homes because of their faith.

Fr. Kopti with his wife Mary – Mary plays an important part in the parish’s work with Christian refugees. 

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The pictures below show the Christian refugees involved in parish activities.