No Stopping Robert

Left to right : Matthew Armstrong - Head of Kings School, Jim Quinn- FHL Chairman, Robert Foskett

Supporters may recall the fundraising activities of school boy Robert Foskett, who spoke at September’s National Gathering. The picture above shows Robert during his most recent meeting with FHL chairman Jim Quinn donating a further £1,955.

Jim reports:

Robert Foskett, now aged 12, was featured in our last Newsletter as he was judged to be one of the star speakers at our National Gathering. He addressed over 100 adults as if he were a public speaker of enormous experience. His subject, for two minutes, was the mission he had taken on to make and decorate candles to sell so he could devote the profits to the School of Joy. 

Two years ago (aged just 9 years old) Robert declared his desire to join his parish pilgrimage. Unfortunately, it was not possible to accommodate a child on the pilgrimage so instead, Robert gave Bishop John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, money and presents to hand out to the children being looked after by the School of Joy.

Last year Robert decided that he could buy basic candles fairly cheaply, decorate them with Christmas and other transfers and sell them at a profit.  This resulted in Robert presenting Jim with a cheque for £830. At Robert’s request FHL agreed with Fr Mamdouh Abusada, the principal of the School of Joy that the money raised would go towards providing AstroTurf for the School’s garden, an area used by the children to take their meals and play. Fr Mamdouh said that the garden would be called ‘Robert’s Garden’.

Hearing that the £830 would provide only 25% of the cost of the new garden, Robert decided to go for broke. He set about attending every opportunity he could find to sell his candles. This culminated at Christmas time in him taking a stall at the Victorian Christmas Fair in Worcester High Street and becoming the premier attraction of the Fair. With what he made there and at further fairs at Wolverhampton and Stratford upon Avon, he started to get close to £2000 raised. In the meantime, the Worcester FHL Group, attracted by his enthusiasm and dedication, donated a further £1000 from the money they had raised to support Robert’s Garden project.

Finally, on 28th January, Robert presented Jim with another cheque for £1,,950, bringing the total raised to £2780. With the additional donation from Worcester Group the work on Robert’s Garden has been completed.

 All that Robert wants now is the opportunity to join a pilgrimage to the Holy Land so that he can see and talk to the children at the School of Joy. In the meantime, he is looking for another project to spend his time in supporting!


Thank you Robert for sharing this amazing fundraising story, and for all your fundraising efforts. Click here to read more about Robert's activities for FHL.

If you feel inspired by Robert to raise funds for FHL please let us know so we can support you and report on your activities.