Palestine marathon update

We are pleased to announce that David Longe, Chaplain in the Diocese of Jerusalem, and his brother Will, successfully completed their runs in the Palestine marathon and 10k race. Even more impressive is that they have already raised an amazing £1,700 for the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, with more funds streaming in all the time. 

Runners assemble  in Manger Square

Running along side the Wall of Separation 

David's brother Will completes the marathon, escorted by nephew Rex 

Even though the race is now over donations, in recognition of their efforts, are still welcome. The Ahli Arab Hospital, an Anglican institution, is one of just a few grass roots organisations in Gaza able to receive supplies from beyond the 1km ‘no go zone’ that surrounds ‘The Strip’. This enables the Hospital to offer health care facilities, providing a lifeline for everyone living in Gaza regardless of their faith.

After Friday’s marathon David made a visit to Gaza and to the Ahli Arab Hospital and reported back:

I write, now back at work, after having just been into Gaza and seeing some of the patients in the Hospital. On hand cancer treatment is critical and the Hospital's plan to provide cancer treatment will be a lifeline to so many. The Archbishop met a patient whose breast cancer is spreading – and who needs urgent treatment. Sadly, we know she may not be given a permit to leave Gaza to get care she so desperately needs. In the UK we take the NHS for granted; here every glimmer of hope is needed and held on to with prayers that help will come... one day.

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To make a gift in support of David’s fund raising for Ahli Arab Hospital  please click the button below and label your donation "Longe Marathon" so we can identify funds raised by this initiative. 

Xar Longe makes friends - 'the spirit was wonderful in Bethlehem' 

Sara, Rex, Xar and Artie Longe prepare for the family run