Prayer in Wallasey Parishes

Praying for our Christian family in the Holy Land is one of FHL’s four key objectives, so we were delighted to hear of prayer focused event in the Diocese of Shrewsbury recently. 

A weekend of prayer was held across three parishes in Wallasey, focusing on the plight of Christians living in the Holy Land, and the work of FHL in supporting and sustaining them. Led by FHL Diocesan Coordinator Pat Revans, a small but dedicated team of four attended all seven weekend masses making a short presentation at each.

This focused weekend on prayer was enthusiastically promoted by our clergy and we are so very grateful for their support. It was a prayer led event, exclusive of any fundraising - parishioners were not being asked to put their hands in their pockets. The weekend culminated in a showing of the FHL film ‘The Suffering Church followed by a ‘holy half hour’ praying in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament at St Albans Church in Liscard Wallasey.”

 Patrick Revans 

Pat reported that every parishioner attending the weekend services left with an FHL prayer card. 

To download our the FHL prayer click here

If any other supporter would like help and advice in creating a similar prayer focused event in their church or parish please let us know. We have a good supply of prayer cards that we can share with you. 

We have seen much evidence over the years that awareness raising, started through prayer, often leads to donations of time and money.