Providing Employment in Nazareth

The challenges for Christians are very different in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan. For those living in Israel employment discrimination is a major challenge, with unemployment causing many young Christians to emigrate. During a visit a few months ago to Nazareth, I met up again with Fr. Amjad, the Parish Priest at St. Joseph’s, and Habib Karam. Habib has been instrumental in setting up the Nazareth Circle of the Catenian Association, part of an international group of Catholics with their HQ in the UK. Catenian business leaders have offered to support a programme to mentor young Christians starting their own businesses through the help of a low or interest free loan. These loans would be administered by local Catenians and, as they are repaid, funds would be reinvested in similar businesses. Let us hope, through the incentive of starting and owning their own business, we can give more young people an opportunity to stay in the land of their birth, and that this idea will come to fruition during 2018. 

Discussing youth employment for Christians in Nazareth, left to right; Nicholas Lebey FHL's Diocesan Coordinator for Southwark, Habib Karam and Peter Rand, FHL Vice Chairman