Robert sells Candles for School of Joy

Robert Foskett, aged 11 and studying at The King’s School in Worcester, has raised a hugely impressive £830 for the School of Joy by selling candles. 

In March last year Robert heard Fr Mamdouh Abusada speak about the work he undertakes as Director of the School of Joy in Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem. The talk had a profound effect on him. Robert reports;

“This is when I started to think about what I could do to help and this whole candle idea was born. I have called my enterprise  Kerzen mit Herzen, literally ‘candles with hearts’. Sales have gone very well, better than I imagined, and if I can find more places to have a stall this Summer or Christmas, I should be able to continue to make a lot of money for the school.”

When FHL Chairman Jim Quinn was made aware of this venture, discussions were held with Robert and Fr Mamdouh about how the candle enterprise could best help the School. 

Fr Mamdouh said, “Robert is a talented man. I call him man, not boy. I am praying for Robert. I would like to call him Angel, if he allows me to do so. We have in the school a front garden. We would like to make the garden safe, clean and look beautiful. With Roberts’s money we can cover 60 sq. meters with thick strong artificial grass. We will call it ‘Robert’s Garden’.”


Robert is now on a mission to raise additional money for the school, which will allow for a larger area of lawn. FHL thanks Robert (and his customers) for their efforts and looks forward to hearing how much more lawn he has been able to fund. 

Fr Mamdouh in the School's garden as it is now. 

Robert's candles - Kerzen mit Herzen, literally ‘candles with hearts’

This picture shows Robert, with his head teacher Mr Matthew Armstrong, presenting the cheque to FHL Chairman Mr Jim Quinn on the steps of the school. Thank you to everyone who has supported Robert in this inspiring venture.