Rosary Sisters Bethlehem School

During his recent visit to the Holy Land FHL Trustee Peter Rand visited the Rosary Sisters School in Bethlehem where FHL supports a number of Christian students. 

The School was founded in 1893, and was built to serve both Christian and Muslim children from low-income families in the Bethlehem area. Many of the students are children from the local refugee camps. The Rosary Sisters School is committed to admitting pupils regardless of their family income, so the majority of their limited funding goes to covering tuition and teacher salaries.

FHL assists by contributing to the fees of all the Christian children attending the school, which in turn allows the school to extend their support to the wider community. There are 440 pupils at the school, of which just 26 are Christian. These 26 children attend classes and school trips designed to support and nurture their faith. 

The Christian authorities in Jerusalem are generous in support of Christian families who cannot afford school fees. However, help from FHL is essential to enable the largest number of Christian children to access a Christian education in the Holy Land. 

We are keen to increase the amount of funding available to support Christian children like those at the Rosary School. 

Could you organise an event to raise £300?  – this would cover the annual school fees of one Christian child. 

The pictures below were taken when FHL Trustee visited the Rosary Sisters School in Bethlehem last November. He was accompanied by FHL Holy Land Committee member Hussam Wahhab, and he met with the School's Principal Sister Davida.