School of Joy Graduate grows up to lead a successful and full life!

Whilst at the School of Joy, George learned to be a skilled olive wood carver and on his graduation managed to establish himself as a skilled workman in a factory in Bethlehem which provides sufficient earnings for a basic lifestyle. 

He keeps himself active and involved with his community following his passion as a keen basketball player. As a skilful forward player he is the go to member of the team to take all the penalty shots. 

With the start of the coronavirus crisis, which created travel restrictions around the world, all tourists and pilgrims have stopped visiting the city. This has closed the factory since early March which devastated the income of all the workers including George since then. Quarantine restrictions still exist and therefore pilgrims have cancelled or delayed their visit until 2021 therefore it will be six months or more before George and his fellow workers will be able to generate any income and perhaps over a year before their lives return to the situation they had before the crisis.

To hear more about the situation for people like George in Bethlehem during the Coronavirus crisis and about how the School of Joy have been working during this unprecedented time, you can join our online meeting with Father Mamdouh Abusada the director of School of Joy here.

The meeting will be taking place at 7pm on Wednesday 19th August.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.