Special Appeal to Support Iraqi Christian Refugees

We recently shared our hope to support an additional 128 Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan, including 51 children, currently residing in Ashrafieh Anglican parish in Amman. In January, whilst visiting Amman, FHL’s Peter Rand spoke with 30 of these refugees, who are in urgent need, when he met with Fr. George Kopti, the Vicar of St. Paul’s Church. 

“It was a very moving experience to spend an hour listening to the stories of these Iraqi Christian refugees, who had been in the parish for between 4 months and 4 years. Many had fled Iraq with just the clothes on their back. None felt able to return as their houses had been destroyed. All had a vision of a better life for their families in Australia, Canada or the US. Meanwhile they survive from day to day with the minimum of resources, the support of their faith, and now some practical help from FHL.”

After a review of the case notes, which included many personal and harrowing testimonies, FHL’s Management Committee released an immediate £4,500 to support Fr. Kopti’s work. Under Jordanian law, Iraqi refugees are not given work permits, so they are in desperate need of immediate financial assistance. The funds will provide food coupons, medications, urgently needed house appliances and help with rent.

FHL hopes to increase its support for Christian refugees in Jordan based on donations received during February and March. We therefore ask for your urgent help to share this story and encouraging donations to support our work.

“I would like to urge our sisters and brothers to help us at St Paul's in our ministry among these Iraqi Christian families who were ready to lose everything, but not their Christian faith, when ISIS invaded their villages and homes. St. Paul's is a small Anglican community and we feel Christ calling us to serve our sisters and brothers from Iraq until God finds them another way for safe future.”

Revd. George Al-Kopti, St Paul’s Church, Amman, Jordan 

Can you help us support these displaced Christians?

It is FHL's intention to increase our support to Iraqi Christians refugees settled in Jordan -  but that can only happen if we receive increased donations. We therefore ask for your urgent help to share this story and encourage donations to support our work.

I was born at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, and my child was born in the war against ISIS, I do not want my grandson to be born in another war.

Iraqi Christian refugee currently settled in Ashrafieh parish, Amman, Jordan 

We are living under difficult circumstances, we cannot return to Iraq because our lives are threatened with death. The Iraqi government cannot protect us.

Iraqi Christian refugee currently settled in Ashrafieh parish, Amman, Jordan