Supporting the Health of West Bank Christians

Each year FHL distributes around £96,000 of medical grants in the Holy Land. As well as supporting Christian patients visiting St. Luke’s Hospital in Nablus and the Medical Centre at Ramallah, we receive many adhoc applications for emergency medical help. FHL’s local Bethlehem committee regularly identifies upwards of 200 cases a year that need urgent medical attention. Since forming in 2009 FHL has enabled hundreds of Christians to have medications, small operations and investigations that otherwise would have been beyond their means. Often these beneficiaries face the additional burden of having little or no income to meet their essential daily needs. Where possible, FHL provide these individuals with a small monthly income of around 500 Shekels a month (approximately £100).

Typical of such cases is 72 year old Nemeh living alone in Bethlehem and suffering from a variety of health conditions. Whilst agencies like the UN help with medication FHL provides her a small monthly income to assist with living costs. A similar case is that of Eline and her granddaughter who studies at the Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Jala. Suffering from long term poor health Eline has taken care of her orphaned granddaughter since she was one year old. Without the monthly income provided by FHL life for this Christian family would be very difficult. 

FHL are hugely grateful for the many donations we receive to help us in this work. You can donate on line here  or download and complete a standing order/gift aid form .