Supporting young Christians in Gaza

Supporting the tiny Christian population of Gaza is a vital consideration for FHL. 

The work that the Christian community in Gaza undertakes has an impact well beyond its size, reaching everywhere across the Gaza Strip. 

FHL funds two projects, in partnership with the Pontifical Mission of Jerusalem, focusing on the younger members of the Christian community. The University Scholarships Scheme and the Youth Employment Programme hope to encourage and sustain young Christians in Gaza when every aspect of their normal life is challenged. 

The office has been delighted to receive news from some of the beneficiaries themselves. We learned that our donations and prayers are providing some small reassurance whilst appreciating their need for continued help is urgent.

Lana Imad Al Sayegh, is supported through the scholarships programme, and is expected to graduate in 2023. In her spare time Lana is a member of the basketball team at the YMCA.  

“I always wanted to be a doctor. I am going to do my best to finish my studying and become one of the best doctors I can. I am totally overwhelmed by your kind hearted prayers - I am sure they help us survive.”

Elian Salfiti wrote to us saying, 

“Without patrons to support students like me many would be unable to pursue medical degrees and become the next generation of doctors  in Gaza.”

Nataly Sayegh emailed us to say, 

“I feel that Christian families in the UK are very close to my community, feeling our suffering and standing by us with their prayers.”

Raed Tarazi  is studying a degree course through FHL’s University Scholarship programme

Moussa S Ayyad is studying a degree course through FHL’s University Scholarship programme

FHL are grateful to Ramy Tarazi, beneficiary of our Gaza Youth Employment Programme, who regularly updates us with news from his community.

Please keep these young people in your prayers as they continue their studies and start on their careers in the most challenging of situations.

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