Testimony from Gaza

Regular readers will know that supporting the tiny Christian population of Gaza is a key FHL objective. We do this through two significant projects based in Gaza – supporting Christian university students and funding a two-year Christian youth employment programme, both run in partnership with the Pontifical Mission.

Peter Rand (FHL Vice Chairman) catches up with beneficiaries of FHL's Gaza Youth Employment Project with  Fr Mario and Bishop Christopher Chessun , January 2018 

The situation for the Christian community in Gaza is extremely precarious. Gaza is the most densely populated country in the world. No bigger than the Isle of Wight it is occupied by nearly 2 million people with the Christian population numbered at just 1,000. Gaza is cut off from Israel by a 1 kilometre ‘no go zone’ and only those with permits, which are increasingly difficult to get hold of, are allowed access. The basics of life, such as electricity and reliable drinking water, are simply not part of life for those living in Gaza.

Where possible we keep in touch with those we support.  We recently received a report from Ramy Tarazi, one of the young Christians on the youth employment programme. (To read his full and powerful testimony click here

“No one can deny that the Christian situation in Gaza is very serious – especially for young Christians. How can we, as a Christian society, convince young people to stay when we are unable to provide them a livelihood to allow them to live in dignity? We ask you, as our Christian family, to stand by us and support the Christian community in Gaza before it’s too late and our community melts away.

Ramy shared with us the story of George Anton, aged 36 years, who is married with children.  (To read his full and powerful testimony click here

“My name is George Anton. I am married to Nisreen and have three daughters, aged six, three and two years old. As a Christian family living in Gaza we have so many fears about the future. We have lived through three wars; our only hope for survival was through our faith that the Lord Jesus Christ would have mercy on this small piece of land.

“The Gaza strip is very polluted and there are few areas where our children can play safely. According to UN reports more than 70% of the sea around Gaza is polluted with sewage. To live in Gaza means to live in a continuous struggle between looking for safety and looking for proper opportunities for your family.”

Please hold these families in your thoughts and prayers during this Lent period. 

How you can help 

FHL works in partnership with the Pontifical Mission to raise awareness of the challenges faced by Christians living in the Gaza Strip, to encourage prayers on their behalf, and to generate financial resources to help provide them with a sustainable future.  Donations of time and money to support our work in Gaza and across the Holy Land are gratefully received.

Donations of time are also gratefully received. We particularly need volunteers to help in our office in Kenilworth or to speak at events across the country. If you could help in either capacity please contact the office:  office@friendsoftheholyland.org.uk  01926 512980.