Thank you for all your support

THANK YOU to all of our supporters for their generosity which has meant we can declare that we have met our match funded goal for Pentecost Challenge in good time. Thank you for your help in spreading awareness of our campaign widely to generate the many new supporters who contributed to this amazing fundraising effort since April 3rd, particularly as we had already raised £48,000 in the preceding month for our Bethlehem Lockdown Appeal – monies which are already in Bethlehem being distributed by our team supporting the most vulnerable now!  

We do not yet have the final figure for the amount actually raised as we are still processing our post, however we know we have reached the match funded target which means you have raised more than £200,000 to continue our work and support those of our Brothers and Sisters in the most need. We are in communication with several Christian partners and communities in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan and expect to get these monies to the coal face swiftly to provide relief over the months ahead. Be assured, this swift and most generous response will have an immediate impact in the lives of Christians throughout the Holy Land. 

As the medical crisis eases, however, there remains great uncertainty as to how long it will take to see any significant improvement in the employment prospects of our Brothers and Sisters. We know tourism is effectively dead at the moment. As the typical pilgrim is in the older more vulnerable category and travel logistics are yet to recover around the world, many pilgrimage sector specialists fear that volumes will not return to anywhere near the 2019 level until Autumn 2021 at the earliest. This will leave many Christians with great uncertainty for the employment prospects and financial survival for many months. Hence, our response is just begun for this issue in addition to the projects where we already provide key support. 

We need your support to continue to pray in your local community as our churches re-open, to raise awareness of our mission as widely as possible and to encourage your network of Christian friends to visit the Holy Land in pilgrimage as soon as possible and so fuel the recovery of the tourism industry on which so many depend.Please follow our messages on our website and social media pages which we update weekly with the progress and benefits you have facilitated through this amazing and most generous fundraising effort. Thank You.