Thank you from the Bethlehem Office

On his recent visit to the West Bank Peter spent time with Nancy Wahhab and Reem Aburdeneh who staff FHL’s office in Beit Jala, close to Bethlehem. Nancy and Reem are responsible for gathering information on potential FHL ‘Family Support’ beneficiaries, putting forward proposals to the Holy Land committee and reporting on the progress of cases for FHL’s UK Management Committee. The casework they handle is extensive and varied with needy Christians of all ages contacting them for help or being referred through church parishes. 

“Once a new case is made known to us we hear their needs, complete an application form, gather information from trusted people who know them and call other social associations in the area. We also make home visits to check on their living conditions and discuss the case with FHL’s local Chairman Fr Jamal. We write a summary of the situation for FHL Holy Land committee to discuss and agree the kind of help needed, and how much we can do. Unfortunately not all applications get help immediately, and a few cases go to the waiting list.”

Reem Aburdeneh - FHL Holy Land Office

When Peter met with Reem last month she was keen to ensure that FHL supporters knew how grateful the Christian community in the West Bank are for the support received through FHL. 

“On behalf of the people and myself, I express heartfelt thanks for all you do. I want to thank you again and thank those who donate and think about others (especially those who are in need and appreciate anything) for their generous donations, and help us complete our mission and assist those in our community. Friends of the Holy Land in Bethlehem welcome you any time to visit us in Bethlehem.”

Reem Aburdeneh - FHL Holy Land Office

If any supporter is visiting Bethlehem and would like to meet Nancy and Reem please contact the Kenilworth office on 01926 512980 or email

Grants made out under ‘Family Support’ help with many and varied needs including medical costs, school fees or just help to ensure a Christian family can meet their monthly essentials of food and water. FHL currently supports 90 families in the Bethlehem area.

Below is a photograph gallery showing many of the families our supporters help.