The Triple Benefit of Diocesan Appeals

Lent, Harvest and Advent Appeals in Church of England Dioceses for Friends of the Holy Land are proving very beneficial to the most vulnerable Christians in the Holy Land, the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and spreading awareness of the work of FHL across this country.

The Mission at FHL is to give hope and practical support to individual named Christians in the Region who are in the greatest need. In partnership with Archbishop Suheil Dawani and his team at the Diocese of Jerusalem, we have identified those who are benefiting from education at the schools they manage and patients at the medical centres/hospitals they run in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. By working with FHL as the channel for these funds, FHL is able to spread the word of our mission across every parish in the Diocese and provide the foundations for long-term support to our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

If you have contacts and influence within your diocese, please consider making a direct approach suggesting the Diocese of Jerusalem as a worthy beneficiary for an appeal. Alternatively, share your contacts with us and we will do the rest. 

email the office or call us on 01926 512980. 

Children at the Arab Evangelical School in Ramallah where the Diocese of Europe supports some  pupils.